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Otto & Adelaide!!

I've finished my two projects from the Lynne Perella/ArtsyCrafts weekend...

First up is Adelaide (the Adventurer)
When I was making this piece I had to make up a back story for her to make sense of what I was putting in the piece so that (for me) it all made sense.... So, here is Adelaide, an Edwardian, educated, Lady who has a taken a pile of the Family money and gone travelling.  On her travels she has become interested in nature and has a particular fascination for birds.  To give here a slightly sassy look I cut off her hat and repositioned it over one eye - gives her an air of mystery or a polite 'I might be a gentle woman but don't mess with me' look lol
I couldn't decide whether to put Adelaide behind glass or not - I like it being open because of all the elements but then Bertie (cat) took an interest in the bird on her hat and the other feathers and the decision was made - she's safely behind glass! lol
I really love how this piece turned out - it's so gentle and calm but still with a lot going on (all the layers), and it was a great image that Lynne Perrella gave us to work with.

.. and now for Otto!!  I love Otto! - He gets his name from the book cover page that I used on the background of his assemblage.
So Otto's back story is that he was once a famous concert clarinetist - he played all over the world, was famous and adored by fans.... but now his star has faded and he makes his living tutoring people to play the clarinet... (I gave him this story because I felt he has such a proud but slightly sad face - but he should be proud - passing on his gift of music to others.....)
(he's not behind glass due to the twigs sticking out over the frame but he is up on a high shelf where hopefully my furry fourlegged friend can't reach him... fingers crossed lol)

So that how things work in my head - paper people are given stories so I can create an assemblage for them out of this'n'that... lots of fun! (but maybe I overthink these things rofl)


  1. Steph9:16 am

    gorgeous work Jo - love the back stories you use :)

  2. They're are just lovely I love otto
    Jeanette :)

  3. Great art and fab back stories!!

  4. Adelaide could be one of your distant ancestors with the dont mess with me attitude, LOL and as for Otto, I'm holding a bit a secret crush for him . . oxoxo

  5. Love these pieces, especially Adelaide. Great to see you back and blogging.


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