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... and when I say 'December' followed by lots of exclamation marks its a not in a 'ooh December, how exciting!' type way.. no, its more of a 'ooh December!! surely not! where did that year go!' type way!! lol

but anyhooo.... its here and so we'd better get busy with:
*  the christmas decorations (still in garage, not on tree),
*  the christmas cards (that will be bought this year rather than made)(oh the shame! but I'll make the 'important' ones)
*  and the general merriment and festivities that the season brings... yay!!

I finished the small flower ball I mentioned in the last post, and here it is:
This was created with 2in squares of book text - very fiddly! lol  and to finish it off I glued pearls into the centres. This will go on the christmas tree I think... (not that I've thought about the colours on the tree this year... tho I am liking the fact that all the decs are in the garage rather than in the attic! much easier to get to! lol)
Here are the two balls together - showing the difference in the size.. I think I've got these out of my system now... fun to make..


  1. These are gorgeous Jo! Nice to catch up with you yesterday, even though you made me spend lots! Lol! x

  2. Wow, they are gorgeous!!

  3. I too, can't believe where 2011 has gone... but I've just finished making my cards (not written yet, but you can be too organised!)
    Love your decorations..

  4. these are so pretty Jo, might well be tempted when I have a spare month, LOL :)


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