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ACP Week 6: Red + H = Hearts!

OK, this week on the 'Alphabet Colour Project' I am bending the rules slightly - they're my rules and I'll bend them if I want to!... and I'm bending the rules for very good reasons: because February is Valentine's month and if I run to schedule 'H' (8th letter and week) would fall after Valentines day.. and so my lovely heart projects would be too late! So this week will be 'H' and I'll revert back to normal alphabet pattern.
This week I've teamed red with cream which is a lovely colour combination, a classic combo

H = Hearts

Three box canvases with a heart theme - I've accumulated quite a lot of vintage buttons and so its time to use them on projects.

Remember the bunting I made for a shop? ... here it is in situ - made in different, more striking colours. Reflections, daylight & indoor lights did not make it an easy thing to photograph - but you get the idea.. I was really pleased with how it turned out.. and so was the shop. :o)


  1. How lovely jo, beautiful
    Jeanette x

  2. Wow, the bunting in the shop looks great - well done!! I love your hearts - you have some great buttons.

  3. stunning canvases, my fave is the middle one, in case you wanted to know LOL x

  4. Oh wow,they are gorgeous! The first one is especially stunning.


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