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ACP Week 7 part 3: What no paper!?!

No not a single scrap - today's project is completely made of fabric (well it is fabric week!) making up for the minimal amount of fabric on yesterdays piece.. lol
I love to sew projects! There is something so traditional about it... I wanted to add more layers to this piece but couldn't find any more red fabric in the box under the desk... so I stopped.  Then I started another project and while looking for ribbon in a set of drawers I found red fabric - lots of it -spots, checked, plain!! how frustrating is that! lol
Nevermind, I'll save those fabrics for another day... another project...

I completely forgot to add this picture at the start of the week - flowers from my 'valentine' and love how they fit with my red black colour scheme.. gorgeous colour.
and the other good thing about these flowers is that they are 'cat proof'! Bertie chewed the end off a leaf and promptly spat it out (classy cat) and wandered off... yay...
shame can't be said about my beautiful Hibiscus which he chews on a daily basis... naughty puss


  1. loving how you are using this stamp and I am envious of your fabricking skills (new word... I like it!). So glad your Valentine flowers are in tact - though I am mourning for your Hibiscus (which I am going to Google so I know why it's so tasty!)

  2. Loving your fabric frenzy and sassy colours!

  3. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Mighty perdy :) Debs x

  4. O I love this, I am so going to copy this..I mean be inspired by this LOL
    Just love it & lucky you with the flowers Molly doesn't eat flowers but eats grass then comes in the house to be sick...as they do...on that note i'll go!
    Happy craftin


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