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27 February 2012

ACP Week 8 part 2: Graffiti Jigsaw

Welcome to some more game piece fun!!
Today its jigsaws - great for using in.. erm.. well .. stuff! 
During the 'big studio clear out' I found a bag of blank jigsaws that I'd bought.. these ones are a bit tricky to stamp onto because of the cutting grooves.. so they've been in their bag for a while and I was seriously considering throwing them out but I had a light bulb moment - you know the type: the ones that come when you're least expecting them:  PAINT THE JIGSAW! no stamping required -
paint on them like you would do a journaling page... 
throw in a bit of stenciling...
I'm not throwing the rest away - I had fun making this - didn't take too long & I think they have lots of possibilities...
expect more stencilling on the next few...

Have a good day


  1. Well done love it
    Happy craftin

  2. Jo Hunni, there is something special on my blog for you, if you wouldnt mind going to collect it, xxx