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14 February 2013

New JOFY stamps are in the house!!

...This is a looooong post so you might want to go and grab yourself a cuppa!

Are you sitting comfortably?... then I'll begin...

I first started thinking about this collection while I was on holiday.. I like to lay in the sun on holiday (hoping my freckles will join up and I’ll get a tan) but I get restless quite quickly (unlike DH who could lay there ALL day, turning a lovely shade of brown gggrrrr) and so I started sketching to pass the time.  The flowers started as one of those sketches:

This is plate JOFY09 that you have already seen and bought (thanks for that! I hope you're enjoying them!)

 ... and I designed 3 more A5 plates of floral designs that can mix and match together:


These plates have flowers, leaves, backgrounds, borders and I really like the phrases that are on several plates...  I may have mentioned before on my blog/in tweets that I love a Doris Day film playing in the background while I work and the 'don't eat the daisies' phrase is a bit of a nod to that - so feel free to sing the song while you use that stamp! lol


There are also 8 minis:
I really like designing these text block - great for using as stand alone images for quick'n'easy cards or as tryptichs:

The 5 remaining minis are great for using complete as backgrounds or cutting up to use as motifs for layering with the images from the A5 plates.

I have been busy making samples for this PaperArtsy release and for the PA stand at this weekend's Stitches trade show in Birmingham:

I love a tag!!..... or two!

The other substrate I really like at the moment is the cardboard blocks that PaperArtsy sell here  Surprisingly sturdy to stamp onto to and smooth, lightweight so easy to hang, or attach to another substrate...

I also upcycled a 'something' that has been sat on a shelf for about 4 years (maybe! shocking)... its (yet) another item that I bought thinking 'I can do something with that!' (we all do that don't we?!).... and so four years later 'something' became... GLADYS!
She's called Gladys because, as the quote on her wings says, she the 'gladdest thing'... gladdest.... Gladys.. get it?! No? oh, ... just me then...  Gladys the Garden Fairy... and I promise this will be the last fairy I make... unless its a Critter type fairy where its a little bit 'wrong' (but in a nice way!)

 PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paints teamed with Distress Markers, Archival Ink and printed papers (and of course book pages!):

Several of the PaperArtsy Guest Designers have been busy creating too - here are some sneakpeeks of their very, very lovely pieces - follow the links to see the projects in full, and over on the PA blog Leandra has been busy too...

Darcy's pieces can be found here

... and Alison's pieces can be found here

... and finally Gillians pieces can be found here

Pop back later today when I'll have a little stepped out project to share with you using the little chunky box canvasses that are fast becoming my new favourite substrate!

Other samples using the stamps can be found in the March's Crafts Beautiful, and April's Craft Stamper...

Take care


  1. Jo, the stamps are absolutely fabulous, your samples are incredible and I love Gladys. (even though I think Leandra was being kind when she described you as only a little bit bonkers!) Hurrah for bonkers, I say.... Beautiful, beautiful work. Thank you for bankrupting me further....

  2. Hi Jo, Your new designs look amazing as do your samples and those of the design team. I can't wait to get my hands on some for a bit of a play.

    Lin x

  3. Love your bright and cheerful designs!!

  4. The new designs are fabulous Jo. Your samples are simply stunning, and I just love Gladys. Can't wait to get my hands on these - I'm never going to be rich! xx

  5. Can i adopt Gladys? Like forever?? Or her sister maybe? Pleeeeeaaasssseeee. xxx

  6. Oh, they are lovely stamp sets! I love Gladys too - she's lovely!

  7. Beautiful Jo and I love Gladys. Jo x

  8. Stop it please - these designs are soooooooo wonderful and I'm trying to cut down on my spending. Thanks goodness it'll be my birthday in a few months!!! Love your makes and Gladys is a beauty, Jo x

  9. Trying again to leave a comment now I am on the laptop.

    I love your samples, so fresh and clean. I have problems staying clean lol i adore Gladys, she is so cool. Truly fabulous stamps and I was honoured to be allowed to play with them x

    1. Darcy
      I was stunned at how gorgeous your samples were - and witty. a real o.m.g moment! I love them muchly! lol
      Thanks for creating such lovely pieces!

  10. Great stamps! Trace x

  11. Fresh quirky and contemporary, loving the new designs Jo, huge congrats:) x

  12. I have absolutely loved playing with your stamps these last few days... they are so delicious - completely agree with Gillian's three adjectives - fresh, quirky and contemporary. They really weren't like anything I'd played with before, but I could honestly sit and colour them all day... and I've got so many more ideas I want to explore with them. Thank you so much for a glorious set of designs!!
    Alison xx

  13. You are a clever Gladys aren't you, I already have the first set (which I'm using right now to decorate a pencil pot for my daughters teacher who is leaving tomorrowso better crack on) just have to decide what order to get them now.
    Happy craftin

  14. Gorgeous stamps, I must see if Art Journey in Sleen (Holland) has got them!

  15. they are soooo fantastic, I want them soo much, but can´t buy them in Denmark,- sooo sorry


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