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26 January 2017

#365Challenge.... January: Part 2

It feels like I'm still playing catch-up after my computer crash late last year which meant that I wasn't able to blog as often/easily as normal.  Each year I change the header on my blog and I wasn't able to do that but hopefully I'll rectify that soon... and post the 'backlog' of 'things'...  aaaw rats! one of my New Years resolutions is to use the words 'stuff' and 'things' less...  oops..  Did you make any resolutions for 2017?  Any fun ones?  I think a checklist of 'things to do in 2017' would be a fun list to draw up - it'd give the year focus wouldn't it? It wouldn't have to be huge monumental events or goals, maybe just quirky little things - trips, or lessons/courses....  I'll leave that with you to ponder..

In the meantime here are more pages/cards from my #365Challenge.... 

I must admit I'm not making much impact on the stash but I am having fun and its great to use my new JOFY stamps and stencils on journaling cards...

Just to remind you my self imposed 'rules' for the 365Challenge are:
1. Answer the questions
2. Use only supplies I have in my possession... attacking the stash as ever!
3. Make a card each day



  1. Such imagination and creativity!! Every day! ???? Ooooo!! I would run out of ideas by 5th jan - so may be why I don't start. When you finish up,your stash you are welcome to mine!!! I have huge pile of background papers - mostly I just shuffle through them and then chose something plain!!! See you on 11th Feb - might 'have' to buy some more stamps and stencils...


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