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19 January 2017

Paints, stencils and gelli prints... Oh my!

So I've been a bad/abset blogger for a few weeks... the reason for this is my PC became a victim of the curse of 2016 and we had to add it to the list of 2016's fatalities - it died the week before christmas! This was a drama for me because
a) I use it A LOT!!
b) EVERYTHING is stored on it - you know things like holiday photos, work bits and pieces, existing designs, working designs....
c)  I HADN'T BACKED IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend was brilliant & took the pc apart and retrieved the hard drive and all the information (he is now my tech'geek hero!) ... YAY! WOO HOOOOOO!! (a massive thank you to him!)
aaaand breeeeaaathe!

I can now see all my information and use it but I'm working on hubby's laptop which is good but its not like using my pc - I feel like I'm working with one hand tied behind my back!  sigh  but, I appreciate it could be worse & I could have no pc at all.... so I am grateful (very grateful!) for what I have.

aaaanyhooo enough about my PC/technical woes an on to prettier paintier things...

I made this box canvas late last summer (inspired by the gelli print play day I had with friends) and forgot to share it with you (like I said at the start  - bad blogger, bad blogger).. its a gelli plate printed box canvas, painted with Fresco Finish paints in various shades of green and blue and stencilled using Stencil Girl, Artemio & Donna Downey stencils.
I really like how it turned out - so much so its actually on the wall in the lounge! I know! Shocker!! My own work on the wall in my own home! Whatever next!




  1. ahh! worst nightmare! I really need to do another back up here... Hope you get a new pc soon! gorgeous project that you found to share

    1. it really was Helen! new PC is on its way - and I will be backing it up every month!

  2. I have a 'time capsule' connected to my MAC which is supposed to back up every hour!! I'm not tempting providence here!! Lovely canvas!!! You should be proud of it - and why not display it? You would have paid loads for it if you had seen it in an arty store.

  3. aaah yes my Tech-Hero spoke about one of those Time-Capsules - very clever... just not sure I 'need' it - I just need to back it up! and allow photos to be sent to the cloud (this mythical place where everything is stored, and everthing is safe!)
    Thanks for your comments on the canvas.
    Hope to see you soon.
    (I have 1/2 day card classes at BitB on the 11th Feb if you're interested...)
    { & fyi.. tomorrow: new JOFY stamps... still no cats.. sorry :o) }

    1. Wot!!! No cats!!! My very limited supply of sissix cat dies and stamps are getting over exposed!! And MORE new stamps!!! I'm overwhelmed!! Will look at bib schedule so may see you on 11th. Hope you are keeping well.

  4. I love it too Jo! Calming colours and sentiment. Aren't gelli plates amazing! Glad that you rescued your PC stuff! Xx


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