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25 April 2017

#365Challenge.... 01-07 April


April has been a quite a busy month so far and I'm playing catch-up with the #365 Challenge.

Each month I plan to work on a different size page/different size book.  April's pages are 5 inches (12.5cm) square.... I chose this size because (Goldilocks stylee) it wasn't too big, it wasn't too small - it was just right... or so I thought at the start of the month.

Each month I also use a different font/stamp set for the dates/page numbers - so far these have been quite discreetly added to the page in a corner (or on a tag or similar)...

  (January Alphabet: Purple Onion Designs; February Alphabet: PaperArtsy; March Alphabet: Ma Vinci's Reliquary

For April's pages I decided to bring the alphabet front and centre - make it a feature of each page... The alphabet I chose is one by DoCrafts/Papermania - its the 'Typography Clear Stamp' and each number is 5x8cm... 

this seemed like a great size to work with - nice and big, an clear outline so I would be able to use it in lots of different ways...  and this was OK for dates 1 to 9 (single figures) but when there are two numbers for each day (which, lets face it, is the majority of the month!) things were going to get a little bit crowded on the page... 
but I will  not be beaten and will try to resist increasing to a 6x6 inch page... 
(I like a challenge.... sigh!)
(and lets not forget the 'Flow' calendar questions...)

01 April:  'How good are you at setting boundaries?'  hhhmm not really something I set myself - more like guidelines to live/work by... (very flexible guidelines.. lol)

02 April:  'What would the title be of my autobiography?' lol I seriously considered 'I came, I saw, I created a mess!' but went instead with the one on today's page... the background is created with the new Distress Oxide inks - Worn Lipstick, Spiced Marmalade and Walnut Stain.

03 April:  The number on this page is stamped onto the surface - I cut around part of the image so the journalling panel could be slotted underneath.
 The poppy heads (JOFY34) are stamped and embossed in copper (WOW!)

This is a great stamp set - the diamond background and the washi tape strips are handy little elements, as is the tag (I used it on April 1st's page)... handy for journalling..

04 April:  Yes, the writing is upside down, the number and stamped flowers aren't - and thats how I planned it - another way of 'disguising' the journalling...

05 April:  I really like stamping on top of vintage book text - this is a Polish music book, the stamps are JOFY23 and JM33.

06 April:  Flow question: 'Do you find it easy to admit your mistakes?' lol  Make mistakes?!? Me!! Never lol

07 April:  Flow questions: 'What would I never do again?'  I am NEVER EVER going on a loop-the-loop rollercoaster again - EVER!!  I didn't mean to do it the first time and it is a never to be repeated experience.
The background on the page was created with the Distress Oxides again, I was experimenting how bleach (basic thick household bleach) affected the colour...

So that's week one of April... Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying using the big numbers - definitely going to be a challenge though when I get to the latter half of the month....

All part of the fun... I didn't call it the #365 Challenge for nothing! 

Thanks for popping by



  1. I've never kept a journal myself, but I'm really enjoying all the different formats you've used each month on yours. I like the consistency on each page with the font styles etc, and the differences suggested by the Flow magazine. It's not too big either, some of the large journals are very daunting to an amateur like myself. Your stamps of course are amazing, and always so stylish, like yourself I guess!! Please keep going, I want to see more of your journaling please. Thanks for showing them to us x

    1. Thanks Judy! I'm enjoying the process. You could start journalling by using a smallish notebook with not many pages - that wouldn't be too scary/daunting and wouldn't take too much time to fill.. and you'd get an idea of whether you like journalling or not. if you visit this page on my blog you can see how I used a 6x4in notebook as a travel journal http://jofirthyoung.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/all-wrapped-up.html :o)

  2. Good morning! I have a question, Did you make the little 2 ring book you are using, and if so, how, please? I have enjoyed looking at your work, as always, and wondered at having a go. Also, what is the #365challenge? Mr Google keeps trying to get me to take up quilting when I investigate. I hope you are keeping well, and keep up the good work with PaperArtsy, you're all fab.


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