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21 April 2017

#365Challenge.... 22-31 March

Here are the final pages for March.  When I look back at these pages I can see that I've used different types/styles in this last week.  I've also been trying to concentrate less on everything being 'perfect' and experimenting and learning along the way.

March 22: I think this is one of my favourite 'styles' - using a background panel and adding lots of little elements that relate to the subject.

March 23: Circles!!! I like circles almost as much as I like hexagons (possibly a little bit more)!
Lots of messy layering on this page. 

March 24: I wrote this strip of numbers ages ago and its been on the desk and in the scraps box for too long! A Distress Oxide background as the base for a colourful less is more layout.

March 25: Flow question: 'what do you look forward to every day?'  Last year when I wasn't feeling 100% it was hard for me to create projects and 'stuff'... now I feel so much better, its a 'relief' to be able to create plans, art and projects more easily than in the recent past

March 26: I love the latest Ed Sheeran album (Divide) and one line on it was so good I had to write it down..

March 27: Flow question: 'what's your favourite sound?'  My cats' purrs! its such a reassuring, appreciate sound.  Love it!

March 28:  Another great quote, on a definitely not 'less is more' backbround! lol

March 29: Another 'using bits & pieces found on the desk' type of layout! 

March 30: I like this layout because of  
1) the colour scheme (pink & green is one my favourites)
2) the writing
under all the different elements (an interesting way of hiding the journalling)
3) the pops of hot pink!

March 30: Flow question: 'Which day of your life would you like to relive?'  Our wedding day... it would be nice to do it again - not to change anything (well, maybe this time we'd make sure that someone packs my Mum's outfit so my Dad wouldn't need to race home and collect it an hour before the wedding!!), but a day like this go past sooooo fast - it would be nice to be able to savour it... without the nerves! lol

March!! Finished.

April's pages will be arriving very soon (this year's whizzing along nicely isn't it!)

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