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10 July 2018

#The100dayproject / #100daysinthelifeofaline Part 2


I have really enjoyed creating this 10m long concertina book - one page at a time for 100 days!!  The 100 days end tomorrow so I went out early this morning to take videos of the book now it is complete (yes I finished early! woo hoo! get me!!)

Today I'll show you pages 36 to 70, and on Thursday I'll show 71-100...

Here are some of my 'favourites'.. sometimes they are the simplest ones..

The holiday set make me smile - the little car (which I've just noticed doesn't have a driver! lol minor detail...) looks like its ready for anything.. toot toot!

I've included day 57 because the flower went through stages of 'how much detail does it need' and I'd photographed it along the way. I'm sure we all do it: just adding a little bit more... and a little bit more...  I remember thinking maybe I'll add colour and then a voice inside said 'no!, put the pens down & move away from the page!' lol

Here's the video but before you watch the video I'll apologise (again) for the less than steady camera work and for my voice - I sound like I have a terrible cold but its just hayfever :o)
I would apologise for the industrial noises in the background too but that was beyond my control - I went out nice and early so it was quiet but the tree surgeon 3 houses away obviously wanted to get an early start too!
I'm sure you can still hear me but you don't really need to - I'm just showing the pretty pictures!


If you'd like to see all the pages head on over to Instagram and to my page - @jofyjo - and search #100daysinthelifeofaline and all the pages should come up.

See you soon for the next and final installment!


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