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13 August 2018

JoFY Bingo Wk.12

BINGO!! Yes JoFYBingo!  Its been a while.. but I am back on it - ready to roll out the all important numbers which this week are 2 & 30...
(if you've forgotten what JoFY Bingo is (and considering how long its been that would be understandable) the details can be found at the bottom of this blog post)

Baubles and Bees!  Could be tricky to combine - but I combined the large bauble and the honeycomb background (hexagons.. they're a favourite of mine!) to create a festive 'wreath'...

I could not have created this dedsign without the use of a Stamping Platform - if you don't have a platform already then GO AND GET ONE!!! They are such a useful tool to have - seriously - go buy one!!
(fyi: I use Crafts-Too's Press to Impress platform)

I started with a square piece of card (20x20cm). 

NB I work with my stamp platform so it opens and closes like a book (just pointing that out as some platforms work with the hinge at the top). I call the clear panel the stamps stick to the 'lid'... or sometimes the door

I'm going to repeat each image on all four sides of the panel of card. I positioned the large bauble in the centre of the panel (l to r) so I could see how looked, then I flipped it over and closed the lid of the platform transferring the stamp onto it.

I stamped the image.....

Rotated the panel, each time stamping the image.... 

I wanted images inbetween these so I drew a light pencil line corner to corner across the page,  positioned the image on the line, marked where it was to go....

Then stamped the second round of images... 

The stamping platform really is invaluable when you're stamping a design like the - it would be sooooo hard to repeat images accurately without one.

I wanted the design to have a background image so of course I used the honeycomb from JOFY30.  

First I need to create a mask so I covered the stamped images with light weight paper, traced around the image and cut it out (cutting only what was needed.)

I positioned and stamped the honeycomb design on all foursides (rotating the panel as previously)...

I repositioned the stamp and stamped around the panel again...

Here's the 'wreath' almost finished, but there were a few spaces that I felt needed filling...

I added the single fairy light bulb either sided of the bauble on the straight edge..

... and a single star in the small space in the corners...

You might be wondering where is the single star on either of this weeks stamp sets...?? Its actually the star from the top of the present pile...
I separated it from the main stamp with 2 clean cuts - I'm really careful when I do this so I don't damage the stamp's line.  The stamp will fit back together again when positioned on an acrylic block.

Here is the finished stamped design...  

I used a Tombow Brush marker to add splashes of colour and shadowing around the baubles to lift them off the page....

I die cut a circle and the word 'noel' added it (3d foam) to the centre of the wreath.  Here's the finished panel:

I'm so glad I have a stamping platform!! As I said earlier I wouldn't  be able to create this design without one.
I hope its inspired you to treat yourself to one. There are lots of tutorials on the web about how to use them - its a surprisingly versatile tool.

If you want to know about JoFY Bingo....here are the details:

The numbers are drawn on Monday, along with a project I've made using the corresponding stamp sets, then the plan is to:
  • Use/combine 1 or 2 stamp sets (use only those stamp sets - but not all the stamps in each set - that would be too much of an ask but as long as there are one or two stamps from each set then its OK!)
  • 7 days to create 1 project, makers choice:  cards... atc... journal page... dimensional project... tag...
  • Use any paints/media, colours, embellishments, stencils/masks
  • Load up your project to Instagram any time during the week.  Please use Instagram links #jofybingo and @jofyjo in the text (not 'tagging' me please) so I can find it :o)
I'm going to use/combine 2 stamps sets each week but if you'd like to join in but only have one of the chosen sets then join in using that set! 

Please come and play!

If you don't have an Instagram account you can add your project in the comments on the Facebook post linked to this blog post (facebook links:  https://www.facebook.com/JoFY.JoFirthYoung/ or https://www.facebook.com/jo.firthyoung )

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Always a pleasure to read your blogposts - you have such imagination when it comes to re purposing your stamps into something new - great, clear tutorial photos -thank you, Rachel

  2. Just wonderful!! I adore this creation with stamp platform. xx


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