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7 June 2007

Me? Messy? No...............

Come in, sit down, relax, converse
My desk doesn't always look like like this
Sometimes its even worse!

It's a creative mess though - so it's excused!

But look how pretty the paints and inks look together......

(I've managed to keep the pile of stuff on the left hand side of the desk out of the picture!)
NB - Its worse in real life! I keep turning round and looking at it - so between now and 11.00pm (then its Grays Anatomy and I have an appointment with Dr McDreamy!) I'm going to have some Fly Lady time and put everything away ready for tomorrow.


  1. your card class pal!12:26 am

    Messy in craft messy in life you troll, but I love you really!! I just wish I could me half as creative and half as messy (if the two go hand in hand)

  2. yup, that looks pretty "normal" to me LOL.
    thanks for showing ;o)
    isa uk


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