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Stroke the flock!

Dropped Matt & Paul at Gatwick airport on Saturday to catch their flight to their windsufing holiday... oops sorry... ahem apparently/they assured me its not a 'holiday' (yeah right!) its a week of 'windsurfing bootcamp/ hobby development' ... so to clarify I asked Matt:

Will you be at work? No

Will you be abroad? Yes

Will it be sunny? Yes

Will you be doing something you love? (not that he doesn't love his job but you know what I'm getting at?!) Yes

Am I the only one that thinks that sounds a lot like a holiday? and if not, I don't know what would!!

And have I mentioned that this boot camp is in EGYPT!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure he's having a dreadful time - NOT!

Only joking - I'm glad he's got the opportunity to go on this week as he loves windsurfing and we can't always guarantee the weather/wind/tide (!) here in Westcliff. He's worked really hard in the past year on our 2nd flat and so he deserves this week away.

When I spoke to him last night - day 3 of windsurfing all day (!) he sounded EXHAUSTED (well they did say it was a 'boot camp') but he's having a cracking time "Epic!". (A lot of the guys on the course have blisters - some are covering them with duck tape - how in hells name is that supposed to make blisters feel better? OUCH!)(something to do with the tape being waterproof)

Anyway what was I saying... yes.. right... I dropped them at the airport - for 7.30am (ouch!) and then on the way home I paid Artbase a visit - well it is sort on the way home - slight detour - I got there so early I had to sit outside and wait for them to open! :o) I was slightly wired on caffeine by this time so it was a very enjoyable visit - bought lots of lovely stuff to play/ create with... though by the time I got home (via HobbyCraft in Basildon - well thats on the way home too!) I was too knackered to do much!

Anyway here is some of the loviness I came home with:

These patterned papers are not only gorgeous but the patterns are FLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! so completely fab! I just want to keep stroking them!

I'd better do something with them soon or they will end up with bald patches! lol

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