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There comes a time when you've got so much paper you forget what you've got!!!!!!!

So I spent today cutting a strip off each 12x12 sheet of patterned paper I have. This task was:

1. Scary - I didn't realise I had quite so much paper! - It looks a lot more when presented like this (left) than it does in boxes in my workroom!

2. Useful 1: It reminded me what paper I have.

3. Useful 2: Now its nice and easy to flick through these strips to sheets to find 'perfect' sheet for a project (rather than trolling through lots of boxes)(once I've dug them out from under the desk!)

4. Useful 3: Showed me that paper looks different when its cut smaller - the 'snapshot' of a piece can make it look really different and so throws up more options!

I feel I achieved something useful after I'd done this - getting my creative mind going (by getting organised)

I've also been to Ikea and got a couple more of their HUGE (& fab) cookie jars - one for buttons (a girls gotta have a button tin - this is my version!) and one for paper flowers.... Oh the prettiness!!!

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  1. fantastic idea Jo , but I would never have the courage ! looks very pretty too !


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