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29 June 2007

My crazy hayfever ridden left nostril.........

... has kept me awake since around 4.30am - it itches, causes me to sneeze and makes my nose run (ok, I realise that may be slightly too much information!) - so in the end I thought I might as well get up (5.30am) and do something constructive.
So far I have:

Ironed Matt's shirt for work (don't normally do this but I thought I should seeing as I was up, it'd be rude not to!)

Photographed some items that are being sent to PA (was going to put the package in the post yesterday but had a creative spurt and so delayed sending it so I could include the 'love' hearts)

Cleared up my work room a bit more - little and often ('flylady' baby steps!) - this has got to be done as all the stuff (scary amount of stuff) from my home work room is going to the Studio so that we can turn it back into a dining room. (Mammoth task - didn't realise how mammoth until I started!) (quite inspiring/useful though - I keep getting side tracked when I re-discover papers and embellishments I'd forgotten I had).

Contemplated moving and house prices.

Read news headlines on internet - Wondering whether the Spice Girls getting back together is a good idea.

Updated my blog........

'Sewing' was the theme for this month's ATC swap on ArtyATCs.
I collaged some pattern pieces for the base, added a stamp of one of Paula's Kit Club's 'Pattern Girls' and sewed around the sides... hopefully that ticks enough 'sewing related' boxes.... and that its 'sewing' without being too literal... (or maybe I took it too far and now its really literal???)
The triangular thing in the front is a random purchase from Lakeland... 'Greeting Card stands'. They were in the sale and I bought them to see what they were like (£1.99 - can't go wrong really can you at that price?) Aaaaaanyway - the little size is perfect for ATCs! How good is that! ... so now I can display the ATC's standing up (the ATCs standing up, not me standing up...)

Piccy's of decorated chipboard hearts, they're being sent to Leandra for DT pieces.

and now I'm going to have my breakfast and watch 'Gilmore Girls'!


  1. Great pieces Jo. Love them.

  2. now I have seen them in real life , I can say how GORGEOUS they are !!! :-)


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