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When I need to get creative but haven't been in the sudio for a while I have to make an unimportant 'something' just to get the creative wheels turning... so the other week I coloured a page in my big (25x25cm) sketchbook... this is my sketchbook size of choice - its not to big, not too small, not the wrong orientation (I tried a portrait layout sketchbook once (hinge at top) and I couldn't work in at all - it felt completely wrong - I think I only got 2 pages in before I abandoned it! lol) so this one is just right!  :o) 
The page isn't part of something, its not for something.. it just is what it is - a sort of warm up exercise...

And here are Florence and Lawrence - don't know why I've called them that - maybe because they're flowery - who knows...(& its not really important!) lol  They're created with an oh-so-cute Quickutz die - one that I saw and thought I 'need'  that but I have no idea what I'll use it on!  And when I went in a certain craft 'supermarket' on Tuesday (shopping with my Mum) I found a stamp that said 'so tweet'!  Ta da!  Sorted. Cards!?
They're quite big - about 8-10cm, and I'm loving the googly eyes - took a while (and a certain amount of shaking) for Lawrence to stop being cross-eyed...I think he may need a bit more shaking - but its part of his charm.

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