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I now have square eyes!

.... because I feel I have been sitting in front of the PC AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL day trying to make things work on this blog! 

I'm trying to streamline my blog - make it more 'professional'   ie more work and less waffle! 

With that in mind I'm trying to make nice little slide shows of my DT work on the right hand side of the screen.... there was one there already and I wanted to create 2 more - one for my PaperArtsy DT work and one for Banana Frog DT work.... one worked & the other not so much....

What I really want is a gallery page as you get on Typepad (I even went and signed up to see if I could create one and link it across..... I couldn't! lol).

Aaaaanyhooo, watch this space - I will not be beaten!

OK,... maybe I will.... but not just yet......

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  1. Those slide shows are fab! Can't help with the other thing ... most technical I get is turning the PC on in the morning :0)


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