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Eye Candy!!!

Its been ages since I've been to Bluewater and I'd forgotten how great it is for inspiration or just to see things that make you go 'ooooh!' and 'aahhh'!
Hubby had to DRAG me away from the window of All Saints - (apparently its not the done thing to stroke shop windows...) not because of the clothes but because the window was FULL of antique sewing machines!!!!

I like antique sewing machines almost as much as I like buttons!  I was in one of our local charity shops a week or so ago (it was a tuesday,  12.30ish - I'm only telling you 'cos its important later) and there was a lovely machine - a treadle machine.  I've always wanted one, and this one was really cute - had a little cabinet but what made it even nicer was that it had all the bits and pieces still with it that the owner had used ... it was really obvious that it had been looked after - the treadle had a piece of carpet on it so feet didn't get cold, there was a sewing kit and threads etc it was lovely... and for £20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought about it and almost bought it but then my practical sensible voice inside said "really?! why do you want it, where will you put it?". 
I left and went to see a friend and her V cute puppy but in the end it got the better of me and I went back to buy the machine (£20.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bargain!!)..... at 4.45pm  ... can you see where this is going?  NOOOOO! in that 4-hour-ish gap ON A TUESDAY AFTERNOON!!! somebody else had gone in and thought "hmm thats what I need today! a vintage sewing machine" NOOOOOOOO!!!! what are the chances of that! (and did I mention it was raining?!) (seriously what were the chances!!)
(I blame the puppy - if he hadn't been so damn cute I wouldn't have been cooing over him for so long would I! and I'd probably have a nice vintage sewing machine!) (and breeeeaaathe....)

So the moral of the story is - buy it when you see it!!

aaanyhoo on a less ranting note Marks&Spencer have a lovely colour range of home furnishings at the moment - dark teals, greys and burgundy plums.... mmm v nice! and how nice is the felt flower cushion on the chair...


  1. Jo, I am going to Bluewater tomorrow, first time in years that Ive been, had to stay away as wasnt good for the finances, my eldest son cant wait to get to the very shop you drooled over, I can check their cleaning skills, see if they have cleaned up overnight, LOL, and b***r* b******s on the sewing machine, but you werent meant to get it, means there is prob a better one on its way to you via karma and all that stuff. :)

  2. Loved visiting your blog with all of your wonderful work! Sorry about the sewing machine. That's usually what happens to me too!

  3. Hello! Well thank god I am not alone!!! Me last Wednesday, stood gawping at the window of All Saints on market street in Manchester at the very same thing! All these amazing vintage sewing machines, where did they get them all from, there must have been 150 of em just like your pic! There looked great! And I only want one!...poor you about the treddle, nevermind sure you will see another soon!..Lavinia x

  4. That made me smile as I love antique sewing machines too. I once desperately wanted a toy one in a shop and my friend said I shouldn't get it so I sneaked back the next day! Then it was too lovely to use! Eventually I made a mould n pour mould out of it so I can make lots now!


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