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Tags & little sketchbook... pt 2

I'm loving the new glitzy-painty generally luscious sprays that I've bought recently, and because I couldn't wait to use them on an actual project I played around with them on tags and in a sketchbook....

So first up was the tags (cut using the V nice Tim H die). I sprayed the same colours onto white and black tags to see (and have a reference of) how different the colours look when sprayed onto different bases - different colours pop.
I was spraying the tags inside the kitchen sink to try and contain the spray - the sink looked v pretty and so I mopped up the colours :
How much fun was I having - spritzing, stamping, a bit of white accenting and lots of glimmerly shimmeriness!
ooh and to top it off a bit of cuttlebug embossing:
ooh I was on a roll now - next stop: sketchbook!
The white areas were created by laying some chipboard shapes from the Heidi Grace alphabet stack (that I bought recently in TKMaxx) spraying over them, removing them and doodling around.  And 'cos I don't like to waste things and because the chipboard took the paint/spray really well (thin chip but no warping!) I used some of the pieces to embellish the 'art' page.  The black star motif had been stuck to the noticeboard in the kitchen for ages and I used this not just to embellish the page but to cover up a bit I didn't like... (its all created with smoke & mirrors!!)
I love how the light catches the reflective particles in the sprays when the page is tilted different ways. Pretty! When the page is tilted and catches the light its an 'ooooohh' moment!  Like watching fireworks burst into colours.

I created all these and had the kitchen back to looking like a kitchen rather than a mad craft/paint studio all before M got home and without spritzing either of the cats!! (though am thinking Bertie, who is a smooth black cat, would've look quite nice accented with a bit of turquoise glimmer...)


  1. looked like you were having great fun, i got the tim tag die, there will be no stopping me now, love the idea of a glimmery cat, might help him with the ladies LOL

  2. Love the tags, the shimmery colours look fab. I love the idea of a shimmered Bertie!


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