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Y? Why not?

I made this earlier in the year and can't remember why I haven't blogged it?? and if there was a reason I wasn't posting/blogging it I can't remember what it was now!.... so here it is
I love little boxed panels like these - I have no idea why.. this one is quite small (9.5x7cm. canvas is 12cm) and is very managable (love making small things) - the vintage printers tray that I have sitting waiting to be... well, erm.. I don't quite know whats going to happen to that yet - isn't quite so managable... a proper plan is needed for that! The above came together in about 1-2 hours (probably less)... so you see I'm working up the printers tray -  little steps! started with the above, then there's a similar one with more sections, then I'll alter/fill the 7Gypsies printers tray and then.... then I'll have worked out a design/plan/ theme(?) for the vintage tray! 
(I feel I should point out that I'm not being flaky - the vintage tray is quite big!! its about 3x2ft and I don't want to think how many sections are in there... let just leave it 'a lot' shall we! lol)

(the section box is mounted onto a canvas board, painted with acrylics, the sections have been lined with embossed metal, book text, Hambly acetate, K&Co papers, and sorry but I can't remember where I got the lovely swirly wooden pieces)


  1. Beautiful Project and i agree, a very manageable size, lol. Well done

  2. Oh I love the yellow piece. Not a colour I find easy to work in either but I just adore the corrugated card and the flowers - fab piece :) One day I'll make it to a paper artsy weekend :)

  3. Love the little box frame... must do something with a compartment frame I bought from HobbyCraft errrrm a few years back!!!

  4. Shirley11:32 pm

    Just found your blog - I will be back! I was interested in your comments about the printer's tray as I also have one and am still trying to work out what to do with it. At the moment I am collecting letters - little metal ones that came from a handbag and a keyring, large children's decorated ones, wooden and plastic and foam ones, but I have a long way to go. I can't decide whether to cover the basic tray though, or leave it in all its used naturalness. I am edging towards covering it, but haven't got brave enough yet!


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