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18 August 2011

Attacking the Stash!!...part 2!!

Oh yes - the stash busting continues...
Mainly by creating rosettes using the Tim Holtz dies {love}.  I showed a picture of my desk on Wednesday of the rosettes in progress and people asked what I was doing with them. 
I think making these might get a bit obsessive - 50 and counting - I'm just making the basic rosette (different sizes), putting them in a box and saving them for later... its all in the planning lol (its a sitting in front of the TV sort of job)
Here's batch 1... I started laying them out to look at them and think about what I was going do with them - it became a great way to see how different colour combo's worked together:
Waaaaaaaay back in June 2007 I posted this picture...
..showing how I'd cut a strip of all my sheets of 12x12 so I could flip through and see what I had instead of going through the stash.. seemed like a good idea at the time... but did I do that? ...did I heck! ...no it just hung on the wall looking pretty (at the studio)... so as part of the big studio-clear-out and the reduce, reuse, recycle plan I've use those to make these:
(OK these don't even dent the pile of paper strips but a)the others are going to be used for punching borders & b) you've got to start somewhere! lol)
OK, I think thats quite enough rosettes for one day - but I'll just show you a few pics of what I've done with them so far:

Also I colour the mountain folds of the rosettes to disguise the white core of the card/paper thats revealed when folded - love how that looks
(I'm also thinking that rubbing over it with versamark ink and then brushing with Perfect Pearls would look v pretty.. but thats for another time....)
A little compare and contrast for you: left rosette plain... right rosette with colouring of the mountain folds - nice isn't it! (and gives you another colour to match with background papers and images..
There's more on the desk with all the elements laid out but not stuck down - they're for another day.


  1. That is one riot of rosettes...they look great all lined up together. I think you could mount them all on a canvas and that would be a fab art work all by itself. Hope you have fun and don't end showing us a post in year 2045 showing jars of rosettes!

  2. Tee hee! Think Sasa's got a point! These are so pretty! I find making rosettes so satisfying and frustrating - sometimes they lie down and behave, others they just won't lay flat! Lovely to see all the colour combos!

  3. What a lot of rosettes! They look fabulous thrown in a heap together....
    I have the same trouble as Gabrielle with my rosettes too!

  4. Right I blame you for the bank managers letter that is bound to arrive soon. I need that rosette die a) to use up the stash and b) these are gorgeous. I think Sasa is right all otogether on a cnvas either randomly or in neat rows would look ace. Now where is the credit card ....
    jo xx

  5. Love these Jo... would would brilliantly as they are, in a random collective or the regimented rows - I like things which are the same but different!!!
    Btw what the paper you photo against?