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13 April 2014

Hello... *taps on screen*... helllooooo..

.. is anyone here??
I hope so!
Its been a while since I blogged - blame:
* our builders (electric on, electric off, electric on...),
* the freezing temperature of my workroom - again, blame the builders - they took out a window and the ceiling below the workroom which meant freezing wind - freezing I promise you! - came up through the exposed floorboards... I stood in my workroom wearing snowboots, a scarf and several sweaters!! oh because I forgot to mention that they took out the boiler too... no heating... bbbbrrrrrrr... but don't feel too sorry for me (please tell me you were starting to feel sorry for me...) the house is now nice and toasty, the windows have been replaced & this is all because we're having new kitchen fitted - so it was all in a good cause :o)...
The other reason for lack of blogging is that I haven't been arty/crafty recently because I can't be- I'm recovering from quite a big operation (though I have to say - keyhole surgery is amazing!!) - I'm under strict(ish) orders not to do too much... which is trickier than you'd think ;o/ even sitting at the computer can become uncomfortable...

So blog posts at the moment will be a few catch ups - general randomness - news of new classes etc etc etc.... lets start with a catch up:

March was a busy month - biggest event of the month was my Parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary & we had a bit of a 'do'..

Here's the card I made for them - using colours they had for their wedding .

 Love making these pop-up dimensional cards but don't like photographing them - sooooo tricky! lol

Die cutting, stamping & lovehearts... oh my!



  1. yep, still here Jo... glad you're taking it easy, kind of, and hope it was all a success.. love the card for your mum and dad, many congrats to them.

  2. Had keyhole surgery many years ago Jo, was told to rest but couldn't. Too long a story to tell here but i had my bicycle confiscated by my GP, this was about 25 years ago lol. You are doing really well, hope you up and about to your satisfaction very soon.

    Beautiful card for a great celebration, hope you all had a memorable day:-) x

  3. Fab card for your mum and dad and many congratulations to them. Sorry to hear you've had to have surgery and hope you are being a good girl and following doctors orders.

  4. Hallloooooo to you too Jo. Great card. Hope you are all better soon

  5. Hope you recover soon, wondered why you weren't at Ally Pally, missed you. Hope you can soon get back to your crafting. X tina

  6. Hello xxx lovely to see you back xx he you get bored please design my kitchen, pretty please, thank you xx

  7. You certainly have had a lot going on! Hope you make a full recovery and get back to crafting soon. Your card for your Mum and Dad is gorgeous. Take care. x

  8. Hi Jo -- please do feel completely recovered soon -- and back to normal routines. The card for your Mum is lovely -- must have been very pleased with it.
    I was at VS with Mr. & Mrs. PA and Lin a week ago for very very hard show -- but super worthwhile and fun. Lots of demos with your stamps/paints/stencils -- and, of course, I came home with newbies for my stash -- thanks so much for such fun designs.
    Take good care of yourself -- don't overdo -- do get 100% very soon -- Sally xo

  9. Heard you tapping on other side of my screen, how did you get in there? Lovely photo and beautiful card. Glad that you and the house are on the mend. Xx


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