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My poor little corner of the www is being a little bit 'ignored' by me because:
  • sometimes I'm working on 'secret' projects I can't share yet.
  • by the time I get around to blogging I have so much to say/post it becomes overwhelming and so I don't blog at all (where to start??)... (I'm sure other bloggers might feels the same way at some point in their blog lifetime)
  • I'm posting items onto Twitter - little bits and pieces - photos or trivial news. 

Twitter (I think is the main 'problem/distraction')...I post things there because:
  • its quick
  • I think the item might not be 'worthy' of a full-on all bells'n'whistles blog post - but why does a blog post have to be long, wordy and full of pictures??.. why can't the posts be quick'n'easy??

So, with that in mind and in the spirit of the subheading on my blog, I'm going to start posting (or try to) 'little bits of this and that' on to the blog rather than Twitter...

Along with my usual posts there will be occasional 'bitesize' posts - under the heading ALBOTAT which stands for A Little Bit Of This And That... these bits probably won't be earth shattering or rocket science but they'll hopefully be interesting to somebody somewhere lol

So that's the plan.. let see how this goes..

... and here is the first ALBOTAT.. 

I like a bit of clever packaging and I saw this in Thessanoliki Duty Free - to have your pencil sharpener IN/as-part-of your pencil case is a perfect idea! Loved it! (I didn't buy it but I thought it was definitely worth a photo!)




  1. Ooh I love secrets!!!

  2. Used to get all finger tied when writing blog posts, i find it is best to blog when you have something to share no matter how small you might think it is, someone out in Blogland might just be looking for exactly the thing you are blogging about...

    Secrets are wonderful when you can share them lol, glad you have some to keep, makes life exciting.

    Looking forward to your ALBOTAT posts very much :-) x

  3. The pencil case is great. Glad you have secrets, means life is interesting. I don't have any!

    Lucy x


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