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A nice break in Greece....

...  a chance to recharge, top up the freckles and...erm... well to be honest that's about all we did recently while on holiday...

I was inspired by Julie Kirk & her blog 'Notes on Paper' to summarise my holiday 'in numbers'... so here we go

20 = the number of swimsuits/bikinis ordered in the never ending quest to find the perfect beach/pool wear (4 = number finally purchased)

4 = number of books read

2 = number of planes caught (nb 1 = number of planes almost missed)

120 = number of minutes (approximately!) spent in Duty Free mainly trying on these:

10 = days spent enjoying this view:

7 = (approximately) number of cocktails sampled

5 = pages created in my holiday sketchbook... sometimes creating in the sun enjoying the view and topping up freckles - multitasking! (a sunlounger makes an ideal desk!)

2 = number of interesting/inspiring floor surfaces in the resort.. (I especially like the hexagon steps..)

9 = the number of years we celebrated being married (1 = the number of bouquets of flowers received)

1 = number of local towns visited, & beautiful painted chapels seen/admired.

1 = the number of smiling, if slightly crumpled, faces I saw in the tree....

and finally...

0 = number of days I was bored of looking at this view/sunrise

so there you have it - my holiday in numbers... was fun to do - thanks Julie Kirk for the inspiration.


  1. WOW - that all adds up to 1 = the number of a tremendous break! Lovely pix, thanks for sharing


  2. Ooh that's lovely! It seems that as - as I'm not actually married - I'm missing out on these wedding anniversary trips to Greece! ;-) Beautiful photos - what a lovely place to rest and nurture your freckles!

    I saw your tweet and was about to ask if you'd managed 64 cocktails after all ... then I actually read the post, and 7 sounds quite restrained really!

    I love the smiling tree and the hexie-steps and that view!

    Thanks for playing along Jo - I've popped you on to the Month in Numbers board with all the other documenters-of-digits here: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

    I hope you're settling nicely into autumn back home now.

    Julie :-)

    1. hahaha I thought it was best to underestimate the actual number of cocktails! somewhere between 11-15..... well its important to keep cool in that Grecian heat isn't it?! lol

  3. Looks idyllic Jo, great way to sum it all up ! Sue C x


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