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7 September 2014

Not disposing of the disposable.....

.... or upcycling as I like to call it!

I have a Instax portable printer (more about this lovely little gadget another time) and it has disposable print cartidges - and these, I discovered on holiday, make great little box frames...

When I go on holiday I pack a basic craft kit (I'm not good at laying in the sun for too long lol) - this time I packed 2 sets of JOFY stamps (1st time I've done this) - the alphabet plates (JOFY21&22) - along with pens, glue, washi tape, and some bits & pieces of patterned paper... and a small set of alphabet stamps (approx 5mm high)...

When the printer cartridge is empty it looks like a little mini tv screen when laid sideways (landscape)...

but I decided to used it'standing up' because I really liked how it was wider at the bottom and so stood up.
I created the piece by stamping the flowers from one of the stamp sets onto papers, cutting them out, stamping a background & word strip and compiling it all inside the cartridge.

Its a really simple little 'thing' and was fun to make - nice to make 'something' from an object that was to be thrown away... hope this inspires you to look at 'rubbish' in a different light.


(please excuse any wierdness in the layout etc of this blogpost - I'm using a Greek computer and it literally is 'all Greek to me'! I'm quite proud that is got this far lol)


  1. I think it must be something about crafters as I've never been able to sit/lounge about for long.... I get very fidgety after an hour max, lol! Hope the holiday is fun though.

    Love your little 'shadow box' thingy and clever you for blogging Greek style!

    Lesley Xx

  2. It's gorgeous, Jo - and a great way to upcycle! Hope it travels home safely.

  3. Nice holiday post! Well done on using an all Greek computer too, I've got French keyboard on my iPad so that's a different keyboard layout but I can understand the letters unlike the Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese that are also available on the iPad


  4. You have managed a fab post Jo! Great idea to upcycle the film cartridge and your flowers look amazing.

    Enjoy every moment of your holiday:-) xxx

  5. Art repurposed to art - well done!

  6. So pretty! Hope you're having a wonderful time.

  7. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Cute! Really like this Jo. A possible class in Wantage - or Wanting?


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