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ALBOTAT: When its raining....

......... while you're on holiday you have to make your own amusement....

This is what I did one rainy afternoon using 2 full page adverts (from the magazines (handbag size) brought along to read by the pool), 1 set of JOFY stamps, and some pages of the magazine that had areas of solid colour...:
(and a single flower from JOFY26)

and this is the result:
Kate Winslet looking like a princess of a planet in a galaxy far far way in episode of Star Trek in the 1960s

This is the finished one - it started life as a Dior foundation advert.. she looked like a snow queen but now is a summer diva!

This was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon... (and I'm pleased I take glue, pens, scissors, ink & stamps on holiday with me!)



  1. I love the idea!


  2. Have tried doing this, mine end up looking like they are wearing swimming caps lol...

    Yours look elegant and stylish, wish i had both yours and Darcy's flower talents:-) x


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