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1 October 2014

All wrapped up....

... and ready to go...

This is the mini journal I took on holiday with me (you've seen several pages already in a blog post over on the PaperArtsy site HERE).. but when I created those pages it was only one book and as I didn't think that would be enough 'space' for creating while I was on holiday I attached a second book by sewing their back pages together..  In the book I used tipped-in pages, photos, pocket-scrapbooking size journaling cards, stamping, pockets.. anything I could think of really! {and pack in a suitcase of course :o) }  its a play book..

On the original front page I attached a panel of masterboard left over from a previous project, stamped a scallop edge & sewed a loop of calico to hold a pen, rubber, or pencil....
(I felt that the covers needed to be covered so that they were more resilient to wear&tear on holiday and against finger marks (kraft can be easily marked))

On the other 'front page I attached another piece of the materboard and sewed on 2 lengths of calico that I would use to tie the books closed - I thought it was going to be necessary to tie them shut because when all the pages were altered and additional pages tipped-in the books would be difficult to close :o)  I tipped in pages by sewing them using my sewing machine - I positioned them so that they overhung the original pages of the book.

The plan for the book was a journal, holiday 'diary', sketchbook... and to use my stamps (especially the alphabet) and to just play...

The pages of the first book:

A delivery label re-purposed on the inside of the front page- an 'if found' page where the JOFY alphabet is combined with a simple stamp alphabet

When travelling we seem to be identified as much by barcodes as by our names.. I attached a small luggage bar code with another piece of the masterboard, stamping across the background onto the panel to 'tie' the two pages together (I like doing this).

On this page I used one of the prints created with my Instax camera printer (love!!) nice size prints - allows space on the pages for journaling & other decoration, here I used the photo as a flap to create a hidden space for journaling.

Another doodling page - I'd doodled on the white panel and so glued it on to the page and doodled, stamped over the edges and onto the page until the space was filled.. (the green page is another tipped in)
Tiles with journaling, brief notes on the holiday - bite size pieces.

Every-so-often its nice to have a really simple page.

This page makes me smile - its a dress cut from one of the magazines I took on holiday with me and I doodled a person (and her pet) around it - I've given her the most Scottish name I could think of inspired by her tartan dress (and her scottie dog - yes that is a scottie dog! lol)

Pages in the second book:

Another print this time teamed with some of the book words/phrases, and extra paper that I took with me.

... contained in the pockets I created by sewing together the last two pages of each book, and punching a scoop out of the top to make it easier to take items in and out of the pocket.

I read a book on holiday that really inspired me and so I created a page using one of phrases from the book.

The spread below has a tipped-in page gingham page that has a olive green reverse and folds over right to left, & left to right to reveal different layers.... 

... easiest way to show you is in a little video (please excuse my video-ing skills! lol)...

A pretty page using JOFY flowers to hold the photo on to the page.. I like the way the pink page behind frames the flower page.

That's most of the pages - still a few pages waiting to be filled - it was a fun book to work in - and a nice size - just 6x4inches.... & I like how the size has been extended by the jutting out tipped-in pages.

And here is the little book making the most of the Grecian sun.. a sun lounger makes a useful desk!  lol
This photo also shows the basic kit I take away with me (or at least some of it - the cocktail menu is optional lol) - alphabet stamps, scissor, metal ruler, a5 craft mat, doublesided tape, kraft knie, pens and pencils...


  1. Ooo love this, will Morag be appearing on rubber soon?
    Happy Craftin

  2. Lovely book to have taken - I like the size. I'm doing my first journals this year (8x9) it's too big!


  3. wow that is amazing piece of work x


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