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In true 'Blue Peter' stylee....

... 'here's one I made earlier'!   another sample made at the trade show.. & sorry, no sticky-backed plastic on this project.. (do they even make things on Blue Peter any more?? is Blue Peter even ON tv now??) (aaah sigh.. who, as a child of the 60s, 70s, or 80,s didn't make something out of a toilet tube and a soda bottle! ...those were the days... lol)

aaaanyhoo - back to the present day... samples... well just the one sample actually but it comes in to parts.. its a mini concertina book - measures 9x9cm (I'm guessing because I don't have the sample here with me)

Covers are made from chipboard, painted in Slate mixed with Chalk.  I stamped several images from JOFY31:

The scribble circles are such useful stamps (going to be using those A LOT!) and the stitched scallop border... (I love a scallop border!!)
the diamonds, stamped in blue on the background, are from JOFY34 which is a lovely plate with several phrases ideal for journaling and scrapbooking and sized to fit on pocket scrapbooking cards.

The numbers are from this new 'oh-so-useful' Hot Pick stamp set:

and YES, I know the 2 is upside down (I planned it that way!) - that's what makes the covers 'perfectly imperfect'! don't you see its imperfect but perfect too.. get it?! no? ... oh never mind - I was being ironic... no?.. ok,  moving on..

Inside the book is a strip of 4 'pages' of smoothy ombre painted with Southern Skies (?.. or Smurf?), Prawn and Buff - show of hands please: who is LOVING Buff!  I wanted to include as many stamps as possible on this piece but I ran out of time.. the show was almost over... but I think I did quite well - at least 1 image from each of the plates released at the show...

Thanks for stopping by - don't forget Stamperama in on in Stevenage tomorrow - its a great show dedicated to all things stamping - if you're planning to visit have a lovely day.




  1. Lovely colours -- love buff and smurf!! Lovely stamps (and I still have some of my Christmas money - not quite enough for all of them but can steal from the housekeeping!!) finally managed to get the scribble circle dies from the USA - long story - and am looking forwards to pairing them up! Grunge paste day today - used it with a clarity stencil last week as a trial and it worked!!!

  2. Thanks for all of your ideas and inspirations!

  3. Fantastic card, great colours and images. Definitely makes you smile:-) x

  4. Already bought the new stamps!!!

    Very happy!!!


  5. ah Blue Peter - I'm sure that's where my love of painting, cutting and gluing stems from lol. Loving all the new stamps Jo - treated myself to a couple at Stevenage yesterday x


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