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10 February 2015

JOFY Street...

... is made up of houses made by 'TeamJOFY' for the recent new stamp launch... I thought I'd share a few photos with you ..

This is one of two house panels I created - I wanted to show how the houses can be shortened - the green house on the left has been cut across just above the word 'bricks' and reattached just under the scallop roof line - virtually seemless!  The house can also be 'remodelled' by cutting a panel out - removing the centre 'floor' (cut just below and just above the windows).

I varied the height of the trees in the same way.

The houses are painted in Jade and Southern Skies - tone on tone.  The roof of each house is painted Slate - obviously! lol

Helen Chilton created this house against a stunning sunset - who wouldn't want to live there!

Kay Carley created this fabulous dimension card:
I love how she incorporated the tools (JM43) into the street scene.

Kay will be teaching this card as part of a class at The Craft Barn on 31st May - contact the shop or visit their website for more details.

So there it is - JoFY Street - the sun is always shining, the trees are green and life is good! :o)



  1. Thanks for the lesson. I am not an artist but I love your stamps. I am learning so much from your lessons and the videos.

  2. I love these fun, quirky house shares :-)


  3. These are just fab ...... the stamps dropped through my letterbox this morning, can't wait to start playing!! Thanks for another fabulous release xx

  4. I really love these new stamps!!! Great images, and what you did with them is amazing!!!