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2 February 2016

ALBOTAT / ACP:2 Stamps of a different kind....

... little mini works of art..

I raided the vintage stamp albums that I have gathered/been given and searched for bits and pieces for moodboards...

What I learned from the search is that stamps ...

*  have lots of lovely shades of colour

*  are mini works of art

*  are not many stamps issued in yellow... from any country!

Anyone else think that this stamp album would be better repurposed into journal pages...

I think this was my favourite from the search - love the aqua/teal/turquoise against the dark backround.



  1. Hi Jo. I love stamps. There are some amazing ones and I carefully collect any that I get so I can stick them in my junk journal on appropriately themed pages (goodness that sounds SAD when you read it back...!?). I think they're great for journalling. As you say, they're mini works of art in themselves. I got some beautiful bird stamps through the post recently. I was nearly as excited about the stamps as I was about what was in the package :oD LOVE that teal and black stamp with the seed head on. It's SO striking.


  2. Oooo, please can you give us some ideas of using them? I'd love to use mine (I have loads), but I am not sure how to make them into something. Love the teal stamp - that is so beautiful

    1. Happy to help, I'll blog a page from my journal tomorrow morning for you.. x


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