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1 February 2016

Alphabet Colour Project Mark.2

Waaaaay back in 2012 I had a plan for a project for my blog: 

For each calendar month I would choose a colour, and for each week of the year I would pick a letter & work my way through the alphabet picking a craft related theme for each letter.. ie:

I chose Grey for January, Week 1's letter was A for Aperture; week 2's letter was B for bunting (now there's a surprise!) so you get the drift how this was going to work.... or not..
(did I mention there were also colour mixes in there too for each project/week - grey+green, grey+blue... nightmare of my own making lol))

It lasted 8 weeks (hangs head in shame)... to the end of February and then it ground to a halt - there must've been a reason but I've no recollection of what it was.

but I really like the concept of the project so I'm resurrecting it.. a modified/ simpler version (obviously!)... 
This time around I'll still have one colour per month, but now just 2 letters... all spread out through the month..... the format is:
on the 01st -  a moodboard illustrating colour choice, the letters, and theme options
on the 10th - 1st letter and corresponding project
on the 20th - 2nd letter and corresponding project

I'm not starting right at the beginning again - starting at the logical place for February soooo:
.. RED ..

Red is my colour for the month and the letters C & D.... I've been making a list of any craft/art themes, techniques, equipment starting with all the letters of the alphabet - if anyone has any suggestions each month please pop them in the comments section of this post... suggestions gratefully received.. :o)

If you'd like to see any of the project from the Alphabet Colour Project Mark 1 then click 'ACP' in the labels listing on the left of the blog.

Best foot forward and all that....



  1. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see what you come with. Loving the new release of stamps I want them all. X

  2. Jo, take a look at my friend Anne's blog: www.chocfrog.blogspot.com
    She's now on year 10 of weekly samples, and this year has mixed colour with texture. The background to it, plus samples so far are on the blog.
    Looking forward to seeing how yours develop as well, being different genre.


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