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4 February 2016

All aboard... up Periscope!!

Well this was an exciting day lol... I popped into PaperArtsy - and was sucked into the Vortex that is PaperArsty HQ and didn't escape back out until I'd filmed a Periscope!!!  Baptism of fire!

It was a lot of fun!... brace yourselves - there could be a load more of these heading your way...lol but, one step at a time, here is today's 'scope and photos of the finished projects...

A big shout out (which I meant to do when we were filming) to Courtney who gave me a lovely manicure before I started filming .... ah the magic of television.

So here's a photo of the stamps and projects in progress.. I used one of Kay Carley's new stamp sets - EKC02 - GORGEOUS flower on that set, and JOFY32 for the large cherry blossom flower.

Here are all the different elements laid side by side - fabulous colours - during the demo'. :o)
((And in response to a comment on the 'scope I like to think I 'sweep' the colour from side to side...))

Sorry I couldn't comment, or say hello to you all as you popped up on screen but am very grateful you tuned in.
It was a lot of fun to film, I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. that was great Jo - gorgeous blending!

  2. Terrific demo, Jo!! Love the stripey ombre.

  3. How do I order these stamps??

    1. Hi Maeve, Simonsaysstamp.com has them in stock. regards Jo

  4. Fab demo, hope there are more! Ruth x

  5. It was super, Jo -- great fun to both see and watch you. LOVED what you were doing -- ta everso!
    Sally in France xo

  6. fab demo my first periscope, loved it mwah x

  7. So nice to see you work again and heat your voice.
    Love your demo
    Hugs from Norway

  8. Great Demo, I love these stamps and used them to decorate a box to store your stamps in!! http://www.amomentintime-craftycooper.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/jofy-stamps-box.html
    Thanks for the inspiration. Lynn x


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