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10 March 2016

ACP:2 Yellow + E...

... this post is brought to you by the letter 'E'.... Here are my colour choices for this letter... fresh and springlike....

There were several options for this letter - when I look back at the list I obviously had favourites that I'd asterisked....
I found a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs in the fridge (that were Hubby's apparently) so, purely for reasons of this project of course because E stands for Eggs,  I picked out the yellow ones - took the photo... & because they smelled soooo good I ate them (only the yellow ones, not the whole packet!)
Don't judge me - I didn't like to see them go to waste! lol (very tasty they were too - but you didn't need me to tell you that did you lol)

I didn't just use this project purely as justification for eating chocolate, I had my cunning plan (mentioned in the previous post).  I had a project in my head that featured a big butterfly but we have passed the 'B' point... hhhhmmm what to do..... ENTOMOLOGY!! study of insects - which, loosely talking, a butterfly is one of these! (in my books anyway!)

A 5x10in board canvas..painted and stencilled with Fresco Finish paints and decorated with a bespoke butterfly and die cut seed heads..

E stands for Embroidery - machine, hand and faux (simple stitches), Entomology and I was going to include embossing to give the wings texture but I was so carried away drawing and paper piecing the butterfly together that I forgot! :o(

I really enjoyed making this project - I especially like the canvas itself - so fresh - I almost wanted to keep it without the butterfly and seedheads - but then its not nearly yellow enough. :o)

Thanks for stopping by - I'm feeling a little lonely working through this project by myself - I'm thinking of a way of having you join in as and when you'd like to... I'll let you know when I've come up with a plan... I like 'a plan', almost as much as I like 'a list'!

Take care..


PS  There was a bit of a glitch with the link to my 'not so mellow yellow' Pinterest page but its now fixed so you can feast your eyes on the loveliness of yellow HERE


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog post and admiring your gorgeous project...Loved the blue board as well with out the butterfly x ....popped over to the not so mellow yellow pinterest board and wow it's stunning! Look forward to your 'plan'...hope it's on your list? x

    1. Thanks - I can see the same background being used on all kinds of projects - would look great on cards?!

  2. Don't feel lonely!! We're all out here following your alphabet!

    1. I'm glad - I'm enjoying putting everything together - having a 'focus'... :o)


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