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28 March 2016


A recent day out in London.... first a hospital appointment...

... followed by a walk round Covent Garden.. nice to be a 'tourist' for the afternoon...

... this shop called 'Kikki.K was right up my street - founded by a Swede living in Australia - it now has branches in the UK stocking all things paper but with a definite Scandinavian/minimalist feel to it... heaven! I knew it was going to be lovely: look at the lovely dimensional clouds cut from card in the window...

Inside were cabinets where all the displays were created in paper (!!).. very clever..
all this paper engjneering was so clever.... the teapot above and the scissors below...

and look at this fruit and icecream!... I particularly like it all being white - it allows to 'see' the detail and work that's gone into it without being distracted by pattern and colour...

the displays were so interesting (and clever!)... such a great shop - it was all so lovely that I couldn't decide what to buy so in the end I didn't buy anything! but will definitely be going back.. (or to their online shop!)

and speaking of lovely displays - here are the windows at Oasis (who always have great window displays)

We watched the street performers (well, when I say 'we' I mean Matt - he watched while I went in shops), browsed the shops - sometimes its just nice to walk around the shops - look at trends, merchandising, colours etc - in 'Pylones' I saw these;

but, tempted as I was, I left without them but when I got home searched on internet and ordered a similar pack by Derwent! well, if you're going to buy them you might as well buy better quality ones! lol and these were available in watercolour pencils! (not exactly artist quality but will be great for travelling!!  and the packaging is also a stand!! I'm so easily pleased aren't I!) (available from Hobbycraft, Amazon and probably other local art shops...)

lots of interesting shops in the area - and its not overly tourist biased so it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

aaanyhoo - to end the day we had dinner at The Ivy Marketgrill (before heading to see a play) - this restaurant looks as if its always been in Covent Garden but is a relatively new addition - LOVE the flooring (continuing my hexagon obsession)...

 ... and my dessert! its a lemon meringue baked alaska! totally scrumptious!
It was a lovely day (the play we saw, in case you're wondering was 'Hand to God', it was good but at the same time a bit disappointing imho)..

We have to visit London again on April 10th.. must find something to do/see for that day - any recommendations/suggestions??

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  1. I love London. Maybe I have to visit this shop in May.

    1. Hi - you should - its very lovely :o)

  2. Have you been to the big (original) Paperchase store on Tottenham Court Road? That's always worth a look around. Also nearby is Cornellissen an old fashioned art shop. If you want to go a bit further away go and see the new Kings Cross development ( tube or bus to Kings Cross and then follow signs to Granary Square and Cubitt Square). Check out St Pancras station while you're there as well.

    1. oooh I love Cornellissen! (the hospital appointment I mentioned at the top of the blog post is at hospital nearby - it'd be rude not to 'pop in')(and Paperchase - what's not to love about Paperchase! lol!)
      Thanks for the suggestions


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