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26 March 2016


... is creeping its way into my wardrobe...

I've had this scarf for a while & I love it - can be matched with lots of colours and I thought this was the extent of yellow in my wardrobe... no block yellows - but I do have prints with yellow in.. (I found myself eyeing up a yellow cardigan in a shop a few weeks ago... turned around for a second opinion: hubby just raised his eyebrows- needless to say it went back on the rack lol)

Then I remembered these cute capri 'holiday' trousers which I bought last year but never wore because we didn't have a holiday! lol but they will be in the suitcase this year):

and I just ordered these trousers - which are 'mustard' but that fits under the 'yellow' umbrella...
... ordered online so I have no idea what they're like in real-life - will keep you posted lol  I'm thinking that with a black tshirt or a crisp white shirt they'll look cute... I'll let you know. :o)

so my conclusion is this: I'll wear yellow as long as:
a) its matched(toned down lol) with black (because, as we all know, black goes with EVERYTHING! lol)
b) its not near my face..
c) and is worn in summer...

not very scientific, and not hard'n'fast rules obviously, but for me this is the wardrobe approach to yellow   :o)

aaaah sigh - if only I could carry off this outfit (or had the occasion for it!)
Kasper - 1952 vintage fashion style yellow dress full skirt black white plaid checks accents hat shoes belt purse 50s color photo print ad model magazine:

or these swimsuits (gotta love 50s fashion!)
Coles Swimwear 1950's ~ These are adorable!!:

this outfit is right up my street! grey and yellow - CUTE!  I love a little cardigan!
cardigan and yellow dress- love the idea of a dress with a belted cardigan.. good teacher outfit:
(these images were found on pinterest.com)

Final yellow project is coming soon... (honest it is - April's colour is getting ready/impatient for its debut on the 1st!) (this year is whizzing along isn't it!)



  1. I'm a big fan of yellow too but, like you, perhaps not next to my face! LOVE that scarf and those mad trousers!


  2. I love yellow too but don't have any in my wardrobe either! I've bought some pretty yellow and white beads and am planning to wear them with a white T-shirt and turquoise cardigan. Love your scarf, great colours, Jo x

  3. Had a bright yellow shirt wore it in the summer and was covered in those little black bugs
    Never again.

  4. Yep, I'm another one with no yellow in wardrobe! When I used to make my own clothes I once made a green blouse and yellow(ish) skirt. I wore it once because it made me feel like an upside down daffodil ;-)!

    Lesley Xx

  5. I have that very same scarf....but I do wear yellow as well lol!


  6. Yellow's not a colour I'm drawn to, but don't mind the mustards that are about. Looking forward to your Spring project. Deb


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