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26 July 2009

Happy Birthday Evie!

Its our goddaughter Evie's birthday and so I've made her this:

Its not too scary for a 2 year old is it? (I love her hair! - that trim was going to be part of her waist decoration but looks much better as hair!! lol)

(Note to self: Put the fabric down and move away from the sewing machine.... think paper, think card making....)

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  1. Hi Jo been along time, Not sure if u know or not but the move to southampton fell though so still in southend. We are thinking of getting back into card classes as havent done much crafting for ages n need you :) Hope u are ok will have to catch up again soon.

    Oh and your b/day thing is cute in a weird way lol I love it n dont think its scary, its not as if u have added black sharp pointy teeth mmmm thought for the next 1 u do hehe

    Hugs Rachel