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15 July 2009

My new little 'friend'

This is a little something I made this afternoon. It started off as my BananaFrog project for this month and then I lost my way a little - got distracted by the fabrics - and in the end there wasn't enough stamping to be my project (just the flowers on her 'skirt' and her left eye)... She's not very big - 14 x 17 cm and made out of calico (of course) and other scraps (the lovely Ikea paisley)
Its my first plushy/stuffie/ softie (whatever you want to call them) - Matt's named her Doris (don't know why) & I like that she looks a little confused - thats why I've made her arms go up in a kind of 'I don't know' way... not bad for a first attempt and I really enjoyed making her.
back to the Banana Frog project......

1 comment:

  1. lol love her name and love the look of her....she reminds me a little of some stuffed creatures I just bought out of Mamas and Papas - wonderful work!