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13 December 2009

stuck in traffic

Sometimes being stuck in traffic has its advantages.  This is a sunset over land on the A13 going into Hadleigh - the photo doesn't look very nice:

but once I'd cropped it (got rid of the bus shelter, the car's sunviser and a bit of the dashboard!) - not too bad (even if I do say so myself)

here's another a bit further down the queue of traffic... (well you've got to keep yourself occupied somehow.... and why waste a photo opportunity!)


  1. Stunning, stunning photo's. Good job you had your camera - I never do at times like that!!

  2. Helen - I carry my camera all the time - you neven know when you might need it! glad you like the photos

  3. How beautiful - it looks like you could here in the countryside with me.

    Lucky you have nice clean windows.

  4. Sarah S7:04 pm

    Very pretty, we had a beautiful one at the stables tonight, but no camera or mobile phone on the horsey :(