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Where is it?

I want to know where the time has gone.   Someone/something has taken vital hours out of my day and I want them back - they are important and I need them.  Seriously - where are they?  There used to be enough time in the day but now there doesn't seem to be - not at all.

If you find those hours please send to me - I'll give them a good home, treat them nicely and make good use out of them!


edit 09.12.09 - while you are looking for the time please could you also keep an eye out for the remote control for the tv in my bedroom?! ta muchly

edit again 09.12.09 - OK, call off the search for the remote control (it was under the bed!) but the time is still missing/ in short supply ....

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  1. Hello - I just adore your work, and never dreamed that I would be sitting next to the very famous joly at a workshop.

    It was great meeting you and I loved your company - and only realised this morning who you 'were'.

    Not used to mixing with the famous!


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