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Keeping it simple....

... was my approach (& as requested) to demo'ing at Hobbycraft last sunday... It was nice afternoon.
...and while demo'ing I was listening to two kiddies waiting for face painting  it was like an episode of Charlie&Lola - very cute. 
Listening to kiddies asking for what they'd like is very funny - girls want hearts & flowers and the boys want bloody, gruesome scars!  Apart from one little chap who wanted to be Spiderman.. he was very sure about that: whatever else he was offered, No, he wanted to be Spiderman and so by the time he left he was a scarlet faced happy little chap!
Oh & I made a card for an Angel - oh yes an Angel - complete with sparkly halo (face painting's a wonderful thing!)..

And it's nice when people who read this blog pop by and say hello (waving at you Liz!! :o) )

Its a lovely sunny day here in Essex, and so when I've finished typing this I'm off into the garden to see what damage our night-time visitor has done - lots of fence crashing last night which was a bit scary (we're in a bungalow) but when we looked out we saw a very determined badger!! Crashed its way through the fence! ..better go and check what its got up to.... Our landlord might not believe that the damaged fence was caused by a badger - sounds a bit too much like 'the dog ate my homework!' lol

have a good day!


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  1. glad you have sun -it is cloudy and very muggy here! Hope your badger didn't cause too much damage...


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