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Plants & Postcards

Art Trail in Leigh last week - the Studio gets cleared, prettied up and ready for the public to come and look at the work that's been produced over the last year... TriciaTessa & Bronwyn had some really lovely work on show.
Bronwyn, as well as her gorgeous photographs & prints (go here to see more), has these adorable little plants planted in vintage china (tea cups & saucers)... I really like the colours and the layers of the 'leaves':
I think the bottom right is my favourite - the way the colours fade from green to that aubergine/lilac colour.....
(and the way the leaves are just the right size on each layer- the repeats are almost perfect... aaaagh my neat and tidy side rears its head again!)
We take it in turns to sit in the Studio while the public visit.. and during my time there I sat and coloured, wrote and doodled these - they're just little experiments - postcards measuring 4x6in - and I just tore things and stuck them down, coloured on top - it was just about freeing up how I do things - not being concerned about whether its right, wrong, straight, smudged - just seeing how it goes....
Each one led to another - kept me quiet for a few hours! lol
I'm off to Chelmsford today to teach, shop, and then back home for a Hen Party - all of which are going to be fun in different ways! lol
Whatever you're up to - have a good day!


  1. Love the doodling.Houseleeks very nice. Folk lore dictates they were grown on roofs to ward of witches and protect the house form fire & lightning.

  2. pretty impressive doodling my dear :)


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