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Introducing Agatha - My She Art Girl!

 I recently took Christy Tomlinson 'She Art Girl' online class.  I love how she builds up layers of background, and creates these 'art girls'.  My one, Agatha, is created on recycled mount board (6x12in) - I'm proud of the fact I didn't use a pattern - I just drew her, cut out the pieces and stuck them down - normally I would make sure the everything was symmetrical (like her dress and body shape) but ooh no this time I just stuck the bits down!  Very liberating.
I really like her boots! - she was going to have slouch socks too but, ahem, I forgot to stick them on before the boots! oops - nevermind - I'll just use them on another Art Girl.

 I like the fact that she doesn't have a face - if the face is wrong it can spoil an image - so best to leave it off. :o)

I thought I'd show you Agatha and her sketch - it helped to sketch it out so I could see where everything would sit on the canvas and how/if it would look balanced (I reeeeaaally like the sketch! - its just pencil on a board - I might sketch over it in pen & keep it...)


  1. Shes just beautiful :D

  2. Love Agatha and her background.

  3. wonderful!
    I took this class too but I really didnt get much out of it, well apart from learning about Mod Podge.

  4. How lovely! Her boots are brilliant, Jo x

  5. that is so nice Jo, really sweet

  6. oooh wow!!! This is fabulous!!! Hugs Juls

  7. Gorgeous girl, will have to try this thanks for sharing x


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