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6 September 2011

A Journey...

... or two - PaperArtsy style:
I recently received some of the lovely, quirky, steampunky new HotPick stamps. Here are pic's of all 6:
 1106                                                1107
 1108                                              1109
1110                                                1111

I made some quick pieces with the stamps - just wanted to play with the stamps - a card and a tag (the tag might get a bit more attention (its missing 'something', but I'm not quite sure what yet....). 

I had a lot of fun looking through a book and cutting out random phrases - I have quite a few lined up so expect to see more (I prefer to cut them out as they read in the book rather than make them up ransom style (or to read down the lines as opposed to across) )
(there's one that says 'the cops with curious hindquarters' that made me laugh out loud but as yet I have no idea where/when I would use that - but I'm saving it just in case.....)


  1. I'm going to have to have these new PaperArtsy stamps. Telling myself I don't need them is not going to work AT ALL. I love the card & the tag, I see what you mean about the tag missing something, but I don't have any suggestions. You'll probably be just falling asleep tonight & an idea will come to you. That's what usually happen to me.

  2. Im loving some of those PA stamps, love the bottles and both the ones you used, shall have to save some pennies up. I love the tag as it is, cant wait to see what you do to it... x
    ps as nagged am now following you on twitter but dont really have time to do it, plus I dont quite understand it...x


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