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4 September 2011

"its nice,.. but what is it? What is it for?"...

... which prompted the response -"its a little house... and it doesn't have to be for anything does it??" Which prompted a further discussion about whether 'things' have to have a purpose, or use.  Can't it just be an attractive/cute/pleasing-to-the-eye object. (in my head i was already thinking 'its something I made that's going to sit on the mantlepiece so I can look at it (proudly) and think 'I made that'. :o) )

Here's the 'house' that prompted the conversation:
I was at my parents house and my dad let me loose with his scroll saw (supervised I might add, lol) (& add 'scroll saw' to the birthday/christmas list) and I cut of some bits of wood that were there - wasn't sure what I was going to use them for but something'll come to me...
So, its a house - or a potting shed that time forgot and the plants took over.  The metal leaves are a Habitat lampshade that has been many things in our house but never a lampshade - its thin die cut metal and I've used it as a stencil & mask, I wrapped it around a coloured ball in the bathroom.... and now I've added it to a house..- actually these pieces were laying on the desk - they're the sort of fiddly bits and pieces that are hard to file and tidy away so end up in a corner of the desk getting in the way - turning them into a piece of 'art' seems a much nicer place for them.
Its a small piece - only stands about 8cm high, the base is stack of buttons, and its covered in Basic Grey papers & corrugated cardboard.
I can feel a whole lot more of these coming on...
Continuing of my 'obsession' with houses...


  1. do you know what Jo I like it, and I understand the whole mantlepiece thing. So Im on your side if there is one!!!! Should I ask about the house (ducks for cover) xx

  2. creativity doesn't have to be or do anything...it just is.
    This is just gorgeous from top to toe!

  3. I like it very much..particularly as it's small, god it must have been a fiddle! But I have to say..it's the sort of thing I give away...I have no more room for dust collector art. Which is what DH calls it,see....kinda puts you off, huh!!

  4. It's FOR admiring of course!!!