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25 August 2013

A long weekend....

... started with a trip to London on Friday with Matt - we had plans which included a trip over to Selfridges for lunch (its his birthday this weekend)...
I had an annual appointment - after which I always like to pop into Blade Rubber Stamps (it'd be silly not to - its right around the corner from appointment!) - fun/lovely to see them stocking products that looked familiar...
 ... love seeing the stamps stocked in shops :o)
As I said we planned to go to Selfridges for lunch - someone had recommended one of their bistros and the Salt Beef Sandwiches (Matt's face lit up with the mention of those lol) but it was SOOOO hot in London - sifling hot and the Underground was even worse so we stopped at a cafe for lunch and then headed over to the V&A in South Kensington.
This was a lovely place to cool down for 30 minutes before we went to see the Exhibition we had tickets for... I was quite envious of the toddlers splashing around in the water to play and cool down..

We went to see the Memory Palace exhibition... based on a book by Hari Kunzru... a really thought provoking exhibition with the ideas within the book illustrated in different ways (hard not to touch!)...
.. in a world in the future where all memories have been destroyed and are not allowed to be kept by individuals... how and what would you try and remember???  Well worth a visit....

Saturday was my last official day in the land of sparkly things...
That's two of the 'dream team' - a crack team of shop assistants! :o)  K bought cupcakes (thank you!!) but we couldn't decide which one we wanted each so she cut each one into 3rds - genius - felt like we'd eaten 3 cupcakes each! lol yum yum
It was a quietish day because it was a weird weather day here in Essex - IT DID NOT STOP RAINING ALL DAY - and we are not talking light showers - we're talking deluges of water:
That is not a water feature! That is the water running out of the town (at Chalkwell) down the embankments and onto the seafront - that's normally a road at the bottom.  Shocking.  In the evening we were all advised not to drive unless it was absolutely necessary.

.. and today (Sunday) is Matt's birthday:
Lovely cake made my Matt's brother-in-law and nephews (because his sister has broken her arm - ouch) - yes it looks like a lot of cream - that's because its only on one side! lol nephews don't like cream so their pieces on the other side have jam only.

I think thats everything over the last couple of days - and the weekends not over yet - gotta love a bank holiday weekend!

Enjoy yours whatever you're up to.


  1. With the exception of the rain it looks like a fabulous time was had by all and the cake looks glorious - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  2. Busy, Busy, Busy and Fun, Fun, Fun - that's what life should be like - looks as though you've had a great weekend.

  3. Looks like you need a rest now, for sure!! Hope Matt is enjoying his birthday.


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