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I went to the Garden Centre to buy a plant...

... & came back with the most fantastic pair of garden gates (in my opinion - hubby is yet to be wholly convinced lol)

They are a very solid - so heavy I can't move them! I bought them to sit against the back fence of the garden to make it a bit more interesting (very shady, not much sunlight so not much grows there..) and the plan is to try and grow climbing plants up them - jasmine, honeysuckle and maybe some clematis.....
BUT 50% (ok, maybe a bit more) of the reason I bought them is because of this:
... years and years of paint, exposure to the wind and rain has had a fantastic effect on the paint and underlying metal
 I was so excited when they were delivered - Matt was very patient with my placement instructions 'left a bit, right a bit.. no, left a bit more'   not sure they're in the final positions yet....
 ...but just look at the paint colours - and the cracks!!! - how fabulous are they!!!!  all very inspiring!
I think this effect could be re-created with a bit of Bora Bora, Baltic Blue, Brown Shed & Guacamole Fresco Finish paint and some Crackle Glaze! lol

They give the garden a bit of individuality and I love them - I just hope the fence panel they're leaning on is strong enough to support them! lol (it is, don't worry we tested!)


  1. They look gorgeous. That was an excellent purchase.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous! x

  3. I can see why you bought them - lovely !

  4. OMG they're gorgeous, Jo! Be warned though, that within a few years you wont see the gates if you plant Jasmine. I'm having to cut mine back 5 to 6 times a year, it's now time for most of it to come out.

  5. They look amazing Jo! What a fab find! x

  6. They look amazing - I saw the bits you tweeted but to see the whole thing, in situ in your garden - I think they are fantastic! I hope Matt comes to love them as much as you do...

  7. Helen - he's coming around to them... :o) which is good 'cos I love them!

  8. Yup... they are irresistible!!
    Alison x

  9. These look lush ! So totally distressed - and all by nature ! Hope they look just how you envisioned when you get the fully settled in ! Ali x


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