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23 August 2013

A trip down memory lane: 10 Years of PaperArtsy Creativity/ madness/ & fun fun fun...

* * Happy 10th Birthday PaperArtsy! * *

As I said over on the PaperArtsy blog:   10 YEARS!!  oh my, that is a long time to have fun and be encouraged down a creative path... which is what PaperArtsy does.... and if they think I'm a 'tad loopy' (see the post on the PA blog) I learned it all from them - its brushed off! :o)
I don't live far from PaperArtsy - I 'pop' over to do stuff - & when hubby hears that in the morning he knows he has to get his own dinner! lol  PA HQ is like a vortex - one filled with crafty wonderness - like a craft version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.. but sadly without the umpalumpas... well, there are Elves but they're not the same (or orange, even if they do live in Brentwood..lol)

So, I've been working playing creating with PA products for 10 years (still can't quite believe that!) & I've been looking back at some of the projects I've made with their products...

First came the Stamps:

These images were (still are) some of my favourites..
Petals from the Ink & the Dog Collection

LOVE this little book in a tin.. its about 10x10cm but approximately 1m long..

As part of the original Design Team it was always fun to create different items... anyone fancy a game of dominoes?:
Not one of my quicker projects - didn't really realise when I started how many dominoes are in a set! lol   Fun to make though with some distinctive single images.

Squiggly Ink - cute hand drawn images - I was a big fan of the winged images.  Stamp sets from the Squiggly Ink 'Tops & Tails' & 'Swirls&Curls' Collection
This is the first project I ever had published in Craft Stamper - always going to be a favourite:

Oooh Hot Picks - who doesn't love the Hot Picks plates!
(using HP1005, HPxmas01)
 Especially the Haberdashery ones:

And then came FRESCO FINISH!!!!  I feel that there should've been a fanfare or drumroll there.. lol
There's many more colour than those shown above - and brace yourselves - more on the way!! Exciting!
Look at that lovely crackle glaze effect!!  If anyone reading this does not have a bottle of this amazing stuff I suggest you go and buy some NOW - amazing, never fail, product - LOVE IT!!
(nb. & fyi  the above images are by Claudine Hellmuth for Ranger, pic is just an illustration of the crackle)

JOFY stamps!! :o)
... I was so pleased when PaperArtsy asked me to design stamps for them - I love designing the stamps and seeing what people create with them - amazes me what people can do!  I never thought 10 years ago that I would one day be designing stamps for them - couldn't be happier!  THANK YOU MR & MRS PA!!

So I think that brings my brief stroll down memory lane to an end - I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of my favourite projects - and if any of its inspired you to get creating 'stuff' then I'm pleased.

One last thing.  Here is my 'Birthday Project' - all the details and instructions can be found HERE on the PA blog.
I love it muchly - much bigger than my usual projects - 30x30cm - and more surprisingly - no book text!!! not a single piece & only 2 buttons - on a piece this size!!! shocking!! lol
Most unusual.

That was the last 10 years of PaperArtsy - thanks for the inspiration, the fab products and the fun Mr & Mrs PA - its been a blast - looking forward to the NEXT 10 years!

Thanks for bearing with me on this long blog - makes up the fact I haven't blogged for 10 days!.. hopefully :o)

(not that I've been slacking ... secret stuff in the pipeline....)


  1. What a lovely resume, Jo, and some fabulous early projects!

  2. Many happy memories.

  3. Great to look back over your 10 year collaboration and friendship with Mr&Mrs PA.

    Some lovely projects but am really excited a about your stamps, looking forward to more:-)

  4. What a brilliant trip down memory lane - loving all your projects, past and present.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Colemans again at the end of the month.

  5. Anonymous4:30 am

    Great to see some of your early work, I love those little houses.

  6. Great summary Jo. Who knew time could fly s o fast must be that PA vortex'! And a lorra laughs!!

  7. Those projects all look so wonderful Jo!! The PA stamps/style is what made me get into stamping in the first place!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  8. What a lovely post Jo and lots of memories to go with it!!! here's to the next 10!!!

  9. Your projects are amongst my favourites - love your 'clean' style xx

  10. What a great trip down memory lane! Yes, I've got most of those lines... lol!

  11. Aw fab walk back through time Jo. You never know where life will end up .....

  12. Great walk down memory lane Jo, and to arrive at the end with your own range of stamps ! How cool is that !!! Gorgeous 10th birthday project too ! Sue C x


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