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6 August 2013

Ooooh I do like to be beside the Seaside... part 2..

... a couple more samples from Sunday - a long canvas (12x4in) - quite clean and simple... huts were stamped on tissue paper, glued to the panel and painted with Fresco Finish - Bora Bora, Elephant, Beach Hut (appropriately) and the green on the centre hut is a mix of Bora Bora and Guacamole (nice!).
 Stamped the phrase repeatedly along the top edge:

I bought a box of driftwood from Birds in the Barn when I was over there last weekend - the wood is lovely and some pieces were perfect for stamping and painting.  This little hut is from the row of beach huts on JOFY16 - would make a great lighpull in a beach themed bathroom..

... and because I really do 'like to be (and live) beside the seaside' on Sunday I took the 10 minute drive to the seaside... even though its actually the Thames Estuary we have a fantastic long stretch of beach, beach huts, fun fares, a Pier (complete with train!) and recently we've also had glorious sunshine too.... yay for Essex!

Most of the beach huts in Thorpe Bay are on stilts because of the slope on the beach:

Some people keep their huts plain (treated) wood but there's a stretch where the huts are lovely & smartly painted {I'm a little biased as that smart blue one in the middle of the photo belongs to my MiL and her sister :o) }

They are so 'summery'!  I love the red & white one too - very striking against the sky and sand.

I went down the beach early on Sunday morning for a bit of beachcombing.  First thing I found (but left behind) made me chuckle:
There's a statue somewhere missing a nose! lol  I checked- its just a stone but it definitely looks like a nose don't you agree! 

I 'needed' sea-worn glass and 'stuff' from the beach.. but, pickings were few and far between - I was disappointed and pleased in equal measure that there was very little sea worn glass - disappointed because that's what I wanted but pleased because hopefully it means that less glass is finding its way into the river/sea (less bottles being discarded etc etc etc)
There were A LOT of cockle shells.. . I picked up a few of these white flat ones but only if they had worn holes in them (great for threading) but as you can see very little glass.... (and I'm glad)
 LOVE my bits of wood... especially the right hand piece - lovely cracked paint!
Hubby's not often quite sure about the 'treasures' I bring home - but even he said - 'ooh thats a good bit of wood'  lol so it must be winner!  lol

OK, I'm going to go and make something with my stash from the beach...

Thanks for popping by


  1. scavenging on the beach is great - but good that there wasn't too much rubbish! The beach huts (both on your canvas and the real ones!) are lovely.

  2. Hi Jo, how long/deep/tall is the canvas you used please? And when are the stamps on sale? Love Rachael xxxx

  3. When I went down to Thorpe Bay few months back, couldn't find much beach treasure.... there were though zillions of drinking straws, which was very sad.

  4. PS - Jo what's the size of your long canvas, ta muchly.

  5. Love the projects and can't wait to get my hands on these stamps xx

  6. I'm so jealous of your proximity to the sea and I love those beach huts on stilts - how cool are they! As are your fab beach hut artworks.


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