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16 September 2013

A lovely inky painty time.....

.... pretty much sums up last weekend where I spent the weekend running 2 workshops...

I think I walked through the door twice before I noticed the writing on the door (after it had been pointed out to me)! lol   oops - sorry & thanks!
I completely forgot to take photos on Saturday's card making workshop! sorry everyone! here's a detail photo (mine) of one of the cards they made.. lovely cards were created in all sorts of colour options - love it when that happens!

In Sunday's workshop we decorated a triptych... and here are the inky painty participants with their lovely creations:... those smiles are ones you get from saying 'tinned peas and guacamole' instead of 'cheese' for a photo.. lol
The photo shows the inside of the triptych's - my sample had minimal decoration but time allowed for additional painting and decoration:

Helen painted her outside flowers in lovely green with orange 'berries':
 I love Elaine's doors with additional bud heads:
... and Judy painted the flowers inside in  lovely shades of blue and green and so used the same colour scheme outside.  Love it:
Everyone created very lovely projects!  Gold stars all round!
Thanks to everyone for coming - hope to see you at the 'Christmas' classes - 23/24 November - cards and a project.


PS - on the way to The Stamp Attic I was driving on the M25 - the MAJOR London FOUR LANE, VERY BUSY motorway... when I watched the most muppetry piece of driving, only ever normally seen on the TV:  a 4x4  realised it had taken the wrong exit and so had REVERSED BACK DOWN THE SLIP ROAD, DRIVEN OVER THE GRASS AT THE END WHERE THE CHEVRONS RUN INTO GRASS & REJOINED the M25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh. my. word!! what goes through peoples heads! lol where in the highway code does it says thats a good idea! numpty! lol


  1. Either people don't know how to drive, or PANIC sets in!!! Used to love driving nowadays i try to drive off peak so get a tad more room to manoeuvre out of the way of the many many idiots! Thanks for the huge intake of breath and laugh, not good when you are drinking a hot cup of coffee lol.

    Lovely welcome to you on the door and it always amazes me how using different colours changes the outcome of any project. Loved the blue flowers :-)

  2. Jeesh - like it was difficult to go on up the slip road, round the roundabout and back down!!! DOH!!!

    That said .... what FABULOUS makes and I love the idea of saying tinned peas and guacamole! A whole lot of green though!


  3. Mmm, lovely card and triptychs. *sigh* I am just going to HAVE to buy your new stamps too... they are so lovely...

  4. Anonymous7:07 pm

    They look so gorgeous. I have 'liked' your FB page.

  5. Loving the makes, looks like the class was a lot of fun... As for the driving - it's people like that, that put me off and is why I go everywhere by bus or train or on foot, lol!! Glad you weren't caught up in an accident.

  6. What a fun weekend we had, thanks JO xx your fabulous christmas workshops are now online for booking www.thestampattic.co.uk/classes_and_workshops.htm.
    It's always fun when you are around xx


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